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Tuesday, September 30, 2014



WILL KEN NEUMEISTER BE THE NEXT ASH “CASH & SLASH” BROKERAGE DEVELOPER?? Last week, the big news was that Hanning & Bean were pulling out of the Ash “Cash & Slash” Brokerage project and venturing towards other, greener (more profitable) pastures. In response, the Mayor and CEO of Ash Brokerage held a speedy press conference officially acknowledging H&B’s departure and enthusiastically cheerleading the project forward saying that “other developers” have come forward. As this was all going down, I had texts, phone calls, private messages, tagged messages, emails and I think a few smoke signals alerting to this revelation. (Special thanks to everyone for that, btw.) Now, many of you are turning your attention to who will the new developer be….as you should. Hey, the Mayor and Tim Ash are excellent cheerleaders—and I’m giving credit where credit is due here.
One name that keeps being brought up is Ken Neumeister. For the record, I don’t see him being the new developer due to a more than usual amount of current and potential conflicts, including the sewage tunnel project. For those of you who don’t know Mr. Neumeister, here is some more information:
Ken Neumeister is a Republican, but not just any Republican. He was a former member of the AC GOP Executive Committee and one of its chief fundraisers. As a matter of disclosure, Bill Bean was also a former member of the AC GOP Executive Committee. Both of these businessmen fund GOP candidates and have donated and/or otherwise been associated with the Northeast Indiana PAC for Better Government. Ken Neumeister owns GOP Headquarters. Bill Bean owns the “cigar store” just a few doors down from GOP Heaquarters.
By trade, Ken Neumeister is in construction. He owned Liberty Construction, which was administratively dissolved in 2012. He also owned Neumeister Properties, which too was administratively dissolved in or about 2012. He has represented many projects as an Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) construction agent for the Town of Waterloo, Auburn’s Engineering Department, the Town of Grabill, and Northwest Allen County Schools.
Ken Neumeister sits on the Board of Associated Builders and Contractors, along with Mayor Henry’s brother, Charles Henry—owner of C. Henry Steel (and neighbor to Keith Busse’s Steel Dynamics) and of Henry Electric, Midwest Pipe and Steel, etc. Ken Neumeister sits on the Allen County Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals.
Even though he is a Republican, Ken Neumeister supported Tom Henry’s bid for Mayor and was instrumental in fundraising and organizing “Republicans for Henry.” A quick review of Mayor Henry’s campaign finance reports shows a significant number of folks associated with Ken Neumeister and/or members of the Associated Builders and Contractors. Mayor Henry rewarded Ken with a spot on the Mayor’s Transitional Team in 2007 and the reconvening of the Mayor’s Transitional Team in 2013 when then-Deputy Mayor Mark Becker resigned from this spot to go to Greater Fort Wayne (that questionably holy alliance between the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic/Redevelopment Commission).
The 2013 mayoral transitional team appointed Karl Bandemer, who is the principal coordinator behind the negotiations and acquisitions of properties for the Ash Brokerage Project, as the new Deputy Mayor. Interestingly, Bandemer served as the Vice President for Greater Fort Wayne, from 2010 to his appointment as deputy mayor in 2013. This means that Becker and Bandemer essentially swapped roles. (Bandemer also serves on the Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council….along with Steel Dynamics' Keith Busse.)
As a Republican, Ken Neumeister has been an avid and generous supported of Allen County Commissioner Nelson Peters. Peters lost to Kelty. Kelty who ran against Henry. Henry was supported by “Republicans for Henry,” which was organized and/or financed by Neumeister. (Neumeister is for Peters and Peters is for the restructuring of County Government. That is NOT a coincidence.)
Neumeister is probably best known to the average taxpayer for being the guy who sold 200+ acres of property to Allen County, but not just any property…..the Adam Center Road landfill. This was highly publicized not only because of the toxic waste contained in the landfill but also for the exuberant amount of money Neumeister made from that deal, as approved by his buddy Nelson Peters, and paid for by Allen County taxpayers. The land was supposed to be for Ken Fries competing version of the “public safety academy”—but would include more than classroom discussion and instead offer real hands-on training with a shooting range and driving course. The project never materialized.
(SPECIAL NOTES: Interestingly, that property was appraised by Allen County Councilman Roy Buskirk, who also had to approve the actual expenditure of county taxpayer dollars for that project. This project was also approved by Neumeister-backed Bill Brown, who was then County Commissioner and now serves as a County Councilmember and Executive Director of the Downtown Improvement District--which is just a d/b/a for the Downtown Development Trust. Just as interestingly is the fact that the developer who sold Ken Neumeister the property was Bill Bean and Ken Neumeister’s attorney in that matter was Democrat Mark GiaQuinta. It seems that legally creative solutions are handled by Mr. GiaQuinta for Neumeister on matters within Fort Wayne, but matters outside of Fort Wayne….say the Town of Grabill are handled by Attorney Zach Klutz. Now where have we seen the names of GiaQuinta and Klutz together before??? If you guessed in the 2012 illegally removing of Schrader from the ballot and the illegal replacement of Carson Boxberger Attorney George Guido onto the ballot, you’re correct.)
Neumeister currently serves as the Executive Director of the Allen County Regional Water and Sewer District, the entity overseeing that $150+ million federally-mandated sewage tunnel for which no Legacy Funds are being spent and taxpayers are completely on the hook for.
Given all the numerous ties that bind/conflicts of interest as well as Mr. Neumeister’s plate being pretty full with the sewer tunnel project, it is very unlikely that he will be the contractor to come forward. However, he does have family who are also in construction, so perhaps one of them will come forward as the new developer?
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  • Ed Rose Ken is morally bankrupt. I saw how he double crossed people within his own party when they failed to follow his wishes. He is the one, who knew about the Kelty loan and when his man Peters lost he blew the deal up. Yet, no one went after him when Peters loaned himself tens of thousands of dollars for several of his campaign.
    If Neumeister ends up involved in the Ash Monument project someone best be looking very very hard at the deal. From how much more money the City gives him and who he factually is fronting. Of all the political people I've met, from both parties, this man is the one I least trust, bar none.
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  • Gina Burgess Ed Rose -- At this point, I'm thinking someone needs to be looking into this whole matter very closely anyways. But I've been saying that before Hanning & Bean pulled out. With Neumeister being involved with the Allen County Plan Commission, Board of Zoning and the Mayor's transition team--he is probably already involved. Regarding campaign finance irregularities, candidates from both sides of the political spectrum are guilty of that. One of my personal "favorite" violations involves Allen Circuit Court Judge Thomas Felts and his former campaign treasurer Attorney Tom Hardin--who is the current head of the Allen County Ethics Commission, serves on the Allen County Election Board, has an ownership interest in the AC GOP HQ, and is the law partner of AC GOP Chairman Steve Shine. There is approximately $3,000+ dollars missing and unaccounted for from the Judge's campaign finance report.....but no one says anything?? My second favorite how Allen County Councilman purchased a Segway with his campaign dollars, but uses the Segway for his own personal pleasure. Assets purchased with campaign dollars are supposed to be used for campaign-only purposes. Again, no one looks into it???
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  • Ed Rose The thing is Kelty paid the price because two people with the dollars played a pissing contest on each other. 
    Oh, you missed that Ken sold the property to the county he kept the most valuable part for himself. That was the acreage where the two bordering roads met. I heard that he later sold it for a pretty penny. Life is tough when you SERVE THE PUBLIC FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.
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  • Gina Burgess Ed Rose -- There's more to the story of Ken Neumeister ....and yes, I did fail to note the info about the land sale because I had only heard rumors about that and hadn't researched it myself. I had also heard rumors that the part that Neumeister sold to the county was sold without an environmental study. (shaking head) Now, I don't know about you, but if a local municipality is either going to buy property near a contaminated site (i.e. Adams Center landfill, Rifkin Property/old OmniSource, etc) or be "gifted" property that is contaminated or located near contamination (i.e. the GE campus), an environmental study should be conducted first and the seller should be required to clean it up or the municipality should avoid buying or accepting the "gift." Getting back to other things involving Mr. Neumeister -- did you know that city and the county had both ....BOTH.....hired him to represent them in matters concerning co-location in the old and new city halls back in 2011. Now, here is a guy who sits on the Plan Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and Mayor Henry's transitioning team who gets hired first by the County (compliments of Commissioner Nelson Peters) and then hired by Mayor Henry. This would have been a great cost-saving situation, except for Neumeister drawing double-paychecks????
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  • Gina Burgess Ed Rose -- There's more to the story of the Kelty campaign scandal...yes, Neumeister was for Nelson Peters, but when Peters lost, Neumeister flipped over and supported Henry. He wasn't the only Republican to do so. Al McComb, Cathy Hawks, John McGauley, Ozzie Mitson, Sam Talarico and other Republicans joined him. Bill Bean was reportedly on the fence-post, supporting Henry financially (and rumor has it at the request of Neumeister), but vocally and physically supporting Kelty. What was really interesting is that other "Kelty supporters" included Liz Brown, Nelson Peters, Mitch Harper, Adam Mildred, John Becker, Craig Ladwig, and others. I don't think for one moment that Nelson Peters (who was beaten by Kelty) or Mitch Harper (who is very pro-Downtown and Kelty was very pro-Fort Wayne) actually "supported" Kelty, but rather played a game all-too-common in politics. Prosecution of Kelty was Karen Richards idea -- at the time I worked for her law firm as a paralegal and did the initial research on the matter. But, because Richards had her own political aspirations (and certain events at the time facilitated her political ambitions)--she needed to keep her hands clean, politically speaking, and handed the matter over to a special prosecutor from Whitley County, Dan Sigler. Now, Dan Sigler was an interesting choice for a couple of reasons. First, he was the special prosecutor during the Win Moses campaign scandal and was politically outmaneuvered by Moses and the Allen County Democrats when they caucused Win back into office -- this means Sigler would have to pursue matters more aggressively this time around to save face. Second, Sigler hails from Whitley County. Who else do we know in Whitley County?? Ah, yes, Steel Dynamics and C. Henry Steel -- the benefactors of the many private-public structures that have been erected in Fort Wayne, especially Downtown, like the expansion of the Allen County Public Library, the expansion of the Grand Wayne Center, the erection of Parkview Field, the erection of The Harrison, etc. With Kelty in office, much like if Paula Hughes has won--Fort Wayne would be on a different of paying down and retiring debt, getting "household" finances in order, and then focusing on economic development. Such a focus wouldn't be good for Henry (or Busse, or anyone who has any real estate, product selling, or labor interests in any of these "economic development" projects). Sigler is a partner in the Columbia City law firm of Bloom Gates Sigler & Whiteleather. He primarily works as a commercial civil litigator --can you guess who some of his corporate clients have been?? -- and he has served as a special prosecutor in other high-profile cases, including the 2011 Charlie White matter.
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  • Gina Burgess James A Jim McCoy Jr. or Jeff Pruitt -- Would either of you guys care to get into this convo? I'm guessing you both have an even better perspective of the above events than I do.
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  • Jeff Pruitt Not sure where to go with this because a lot of ground was covered. Neumeister has been involved with govt to enrich himself and i think everybody knows that. Doesn't mean all his deals are sinister though. What Sheriff Fries wanted to do with the land for a training academy was a good idea but he couldn't secure the rest of the funds to make it happen. Does that mean the commissioners and council should've waited? Of course but county govt was and continues to be dysfunctional and inept.
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  • Jeff Pruitt As for Kelty, none of the politicos were very happy with him. Many stayed publicly supportive but were dumbfounded by his strange behavior. He was a flawed candidate and the facts ultimately took him down. He did it to himself - there were many opposed to him but the ones i knew were opposed because they fundamentally thought he was dishonest and bad for the party.
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  • Jeff Pruitt Developers are always involved with city politics. Not really unique to fort wayne. The govt's job is to ensure that they work with developers to build the city in a way that is fair and beneficial to the community as a whole
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. As owner of gop headquarters, along with the party chairman, most of the money that gets raised by the gop goes directly to him.
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. Neumeister is the chief financial officer for both the Republicans and is close to Tom Henry. He also owns Mitch Harper. If you watch closely when Harper speaks, you get to see Neumeister pulling strings and moving his lips.
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. When I first made the mistake of jumping into the filth and corruption of the Allen County Republicans, I was on the audit and budget committee. Chairman shine arranged a special meeting between the committee and Neumeister along with the Bruce Dye, the co-owner of Harper and company. The purpose of the meeting was to make sure that the auditors clearly understood how Neumeister wanted campaign funds handled and accounted for.
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. Also, keep in mind that Neumeister was a big part of the Republican parties smear campaign against kelty. The Republicans preferred to have Nelson Peters, but at were also actively working for Henry, their second choice. Remember, Nelson Peters Jr. Is employed by Ash Brokerage.
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. In short, the Allen County Republican Party has evolved into nothing but a corrupt money laundering operation
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  • Ed Rose Gina, I fully knew of the other gang members but Ken & Al stirred the pot. Many of Matt's supporters came from the local Pro Life group. Matt had a bunch of economic development ideas (not the dome over city) that he saw. His approach was to lead but not with millions of taxpayer dollars.
    I think James A is pretty spot on the local GOP is open to all but only the chosen ones will run for office.
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  • Audrey Miller-Queckboerner Jim, it's never a mistake when you can now use that information you gleaned to expose it publicly.
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  • Audrey Miller-Queckboerner Jeff, the whole Kelty fiasco was before my involvement in politics. I'm still learning about what happened (thanks Gina for all that info you posted above!). Can you explain what you mean when you say he was a "flawed" candidate? Whose definition of "flawed" are you referring? Like I said, I don't know much about the situation and am still learning. I did hear that he opposed the ball diamond being built downtown and for that he got a lot of flack from his party about that. But maybe there's more to that than what I know.
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  • James A Jim McCoy Jr. I was just starting to get involved in things at that time too. I was newly re-arrived in Fort Wayne and surveying the landscape of things and got in after the election rather than in the middle of it. Kelty did some some things that all do, borrowed money for his campaign and apparently wrote it up in a way to protect the backers. He borrowed money, then lent that money to his campaign. When pressed, it is said that he lied about it. With all that he supposedly did, he was approached by the prosecutors office and told that if he dropped out of the Mayoral race they would drop all charges. In the end, the worst of the charges were dropped, with no jail time, but enough stuck to make sure that he was disqualified from holding an office. It was the Republicans that brought him down - not the Democrats...... He was caught up in the GOP's Oppose Harrison Square, Go To Jail Program...... Fort Wayne essentially has just one political party, it's called the Downtown Improvement District and they control the election board, including who gets on ballots and who gets removed from ballots. They control the Republican Party, including who runs in the primaries. I'm assuming that since Zach Klutz and Mark GiaQuinta work so closely together, that both are owned and operated by the same people. Shine is the GOP party chair, but does nothing without Ken Neumeister's and Bruce Dye's blessing. Mitch Harper, who was the long time "Candidate Development Committee Chairman", also will not say or do anything without first getting permission from Dye, Neumeister, or the masters from the DID (including Tim Pape).
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  • Brandon Seifert If it is true then I say good! I see no problems with Ken N. being involved and helping downtown flourish! I also feel this political witch hunt should stop, because it doesn't help our community this divisiveness. All the men and woman you spoke of are great people and have helped our community. Bill, Mitch, Nelson, Ken etc.. have done great things for Fort Wayne! When I take office in January on the Huntertown Town Council I will model myself after Mitch how he is on council, same goes for Liz. I know all the people you spoke and I know they are great people and thankful we have them in Allen County.
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  • Gina Burgess Hey Brandon Seifert -- Think you got a lil something on your nose. You might want to look in the mirror.  (teasing) And yes--anything I have said is true and can be verified via public records, local media and other sources.
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  • Brandon Seifert No I do not have anything on my nose. Anyone that knows me, knows this is how I feel! I feel it's time certain people lower their arms and embrace the fact, that we have a wealth of people willing to invest time money etc.. into making Ft. Wayne great. When I ran for my township race, the caucus for Indiana house race in 2010, to my Town Council race. Looked to these men and woman and asked for their advice. Now isn't the time we should divide our community but try to make it better.
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  • Brandon Seifert And another thing anything Jim McCoy thinks he knows or try's to tell what he's seen isn't true. We had to bail him out so many times in the party when he was the finance chairman of the working group.
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  • Gina Burgess Brandon Seifert -- What bothers you most -- the facts or the opinions that differ from your own? And are you really trying to question the integrity of a member of MY campaign team because I stand by Mr. McCoy, who in my personal experience has done nothing but been above board in all dealings, be those dealings financial, political, business or personal. If you feel the need to "attack" somebody, I think you better stay focused on me because Mr. McCoy is frankly, out of your league.
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  • Brandon Seifert Lol sure, I'm not the one who left the country. Umm, no he's not out of my league! You were not at the working group meeting or his meetings. He needed assistance many times. And I can have two conversations at once after all I am a Republican 
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  • Gina Burgess Brandon Seifert -- You are either not privy to all the facts surrounding Mr. McCoy's departure or, conversely, you are immature and capable of only taking pot shots. I've heard through the grape vine of your dealings in committees and the reports are not flattering. You have a rather well-documented history of throwing temper tantrums when you don't get your own way in committee. Btw, for the record--that is not coming from Jim McCoy. Matter of fact, the first time I heard negative remarks about you....was from one of the people you listed as folks you admire. With that in mind, perhaps before you engage in small-minded tactics towards another, you take a good hard look in the mirror and improve upon yourself first. 
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  • Brandon Seifert Lol smh Gina Burgess that's funny I didn't know I threw temper tantrums? Please in lighten me
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  • Gina Burgess Brandon Seifert -- First time I ever heard about you was in 2011, when one of your fellow GOP members was surprised that I was facebook friends with you. I told this person that you seemed like a nice guy and then this person made commentary about your immature tendencies. Since then, I have had similar reports told to me by others. But, honestly, none of it ever mattered to me....and frankly, it still doesn't. I would just propose that on my page, before you try to call a kettle black, that you look at yourself first. Otherwise, save the immature commentary for your facebook page, where it belongs. Again, I stand by my earlier statement, Mr. McCoy is well outside of your league.
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  • Gina Burgess James A Jim McCoy Jr. -- Brandon Seifert has made some unflattering statements about you. Frankly, I believe you are above responding to this type of gibberish, but I wanted you to be aware of it before I deleted his posts (and mine) since they are not really relevant to the original thread. If you want to respond, please feel free to do so. Personally, I think it is beneath you, my friend, but then again I am not the one being attacked. 
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  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach "CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER "SAID THE CHESHIRE CAT TO ALICE... Ive heard the gop-controlled city council members refer to the Legacy Lottery fund as "one big pot of money"- and apparently they are handing spoons to anyone who buys one of those GOLDEN SPOONS. ( silver spoons for lesser donors..)
    as for Matt Kelty- I will say he is a nice guy, very personable- and he was kind to me in the GOP. I crossed over that year and voted for Matt to throw a wrench into the crooked nelson Peters Machine-Peters has the ethics of a can of body shop rust hole filler( BONDO)- gearheads- think about that one for a minute.. 
    Politically- anyone who associates with the Allen county right to life group- should be immeidately suspected of racketeering. Allen county right to life- is neither a church, nor a charity, but a CULT- a SECRETIVE OPAQUE CULT- their only reason for existence is to try to tar democrats- as most democrats are Pro- choice- they try to paint any pro-choice democrat as FOR ABORTION- FLUSH THAT FETUS, ETC.- which is as lie- no one os FOR Abortion. pro- choice means that WOMEN WANT THE 'nuclear option"- as part of their decision- to reproduce, or not- for whatever reason- its not up to any domestic terrorist group such as RTL; or the GOP; or the GOVT; or MEN- to have any say so or intrusion into their wombs.. or rooms.. 
    AS for Kelty-GATe- as its commonly referred to- GLENNA JEHL( RUSS'S MOM)- FRED WHATS HIS NAME- the 158,000 DOLLAR DONOR IN QUESTION- and the right to lifers - have never been investigated for money launerring, campaign finance reporting fraud, and so on- no one knows very much about allen county right to life- who are their members? who are their donors, who are their financiers? when BISAHJOP RHOADES, OR THE FTW/SB DIOCESE, OR ANY LEGITIMATE CHURCH, RELIGION, CHARITY HAS ANY DEALINGS WITH THE RTL'ERS- IT TARNISHES THEIR CREDIBILITY. Most everyone who is a "Catholic"- knows the church(Vatican)- is opposed to abortion, and a whole host of other archaic obsolete social viewpoints, rooted in medieval middle ages..- but we go- anyway, like sheep to the well- shearing..
    as for the local pro-lifer nut jobs- they are dangerous extremists- part of a vast nationwide conspiracy- they say they are pacifists- but look at the record- google "anti-abortion violence" or google: pro-life domestic terrorism.. read it for yourself.. 
    so- when anyboyd associates affiliates themselves with the pro-lifers; or is endorsed by the ALLEN COUNTY RIGHT TO LIFE; INDIANA RIGHT TO LIFE ETC- they might as well be KKK without the sheets; endorsed by the nazi party of america- hyperbolic?- again- the agendas and records and platforms are concurrent.
    so- me Deputy for sheriff David Gladieux /kenny fires wear their badge of pro-lifer endorsement as a badge of honor rather than a badge of shame.. 
    they are a disgrace to the Badge( im sure they say a SHERIFF ROACH would be the same..)- 
    why no sheriffs horse patrol? hmm- why no sheriffs deputies/ BATF at local gun shows either at the county owned war memirla coliseum, nor the fairgrounds( also county owned)- nor any public venues on private store fronts?( which the sheriff HAS jurisdiction, AND the BATF- to make sure the "gun-show loophole is colsed( a simple local law that can be pro-actively acted upon)- AND to keep feloins out of gun shows ..- sure - criminals will always find a way to buy a gun- but wh make it easier?
    AND WE HAVE THE CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT GOP COUNTY COUNCIL-WHO should be held responsible for the most recent jail suicides; Jail Guards near beastings to death; and negligent funding the sheriffs dept- so we have 2 man squad cars- as the county is so vast and backup may take just 1 minute too long- the ie it takes to empty a 30 round clip on an illegal AK 47..AND-SPEAKING OF THE GUN THAT KILLED ERICK HECK; AND WOUNDED THE OTHER DEPUTY-(what was his name?)- was tied to KEN WATSON- A COUNTY CRONY- WHO NEVER WENT TO PRISON.. 
    DUI convicted Deputy steve stone has a nice desk job in kennys oiffice; and the kenny fries paul moss "get out of jail free DUI dust up: and the recent Sheriffs Deputy that was in a drunken elevator incident with HIS WIFE/GIRLFRIEND- and nothing came of that- a slap on the wrist, and brushed under the rug.. and much mnuch more.. dont want to give away all my cards. you know..
  • David Legalize Marijuajuana Roach Gina Burgess-copy and paste this into your "burgess report" blog post.
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